Bills, Hooves, Talons, Trotters, Horns and Mandibles welcome…

Bee Eater is an eclectic online shop based in North Yorkshire. We stock gifts with a wildlife, nature and flora theme from companies including Magpie, Ulster Weavers and Hannah Turner through to exclusive Wildlife Art Cards and Prints from individual wildlife artists. We stock kitchenwares, homewares and accessories, so if you want a Card featuring a Tree Creeper or a Raccoon, a Hummingbird Tea Towel or a Fledgling Robin Mug you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you and your loved ones are armchair Springwatch addicts, or enjoy hanging from a tree branch in Costa Rica trying to photograph a Resplendent Quetzal, Bee Eater has the right mix of quality gifts for casual or ardent wildlife and nature lovers.

In 2016 during our holiday in Turkey, after a violent 48hr thunderstorm a slightly dazed flock of 40 Bee Eaters landed at our apartment poolside, against the spectacular backdrop of neighbouring Baba Dag Mountain, and our name was born!

Though we have focused initially on birds, with a smaller range of mammals, insects and flora, we will be adding to our range every month to bring you a larger choice of beautiful gifts.

If there is a particular mammal, bird, insect or flower you would like to see, from any continent, drop us a note on and we’ll see if we can find it for you!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bee Eater is not bee-ist, nor does it recommend eating bees unless you have an asbestos lined mouth – which in itself would be rather irresponsible – or are a near-passerine bird with richly coloured plumage. In line with diversity requirements a small number of buff-tailed bumble bees are represented at board level in the organisation.